Taos Hemp began in 1998, a year before the Dharma Bags actually were created.  When I purchased a handwoven all-hemp guitar strap, I became enamored with hemp; started buying Cannabis Culture, High Times, learned about NORML and then Vote Hemp.

In 1999, flying home from Thailand to meet my first grandchild, the idea of the product came to me.  I’d gone off for 6 months on a hemp research trip to Thailand, Nepal, Tibet, and India.  That was the birth of “the Dharma Bags” for Taos Hemp.  Bodhgaya, India  tailors had invented the prototype bag that I would redesign into a one hundred percent hemp bag.

“Hemp Hemp Hooray” we green people say, it’s the miracle seed that grows like a weed, to feed suffering humanity.  Dharma Bags originated out of the Buddhist philosophy which upholds truth. Truth seemed to resonate in the four letter word: Hemp. The three Jewels of Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. Dharma is a Sanskrit word meaning Truth, the Way, that which supports and upholds. Hemp is the Truth.  It is a plant to set our planet healthy and free. Hemp being the strongest fiber on the planet suits Dharma Bags.

Taos Hemp began on the West Rim Mesa of Taos in an off-grid, solar home that was built by myself and a few good men. What a perfect setting for a hemp business. My mother’s 1950 Singer sewing machine was the tool for putting together the pieces of the bag. All the dyeing was done in a Speed Queen wringer washer donated by a lovely woman who heard my plea for a dye vat.

The Dharma Bags are manufactured by my seamstress Rachael Ananda from Taos, New Mexico.

Vision Quest

To walk the talk, to speak the Truth about Hemp. To legalize the useage of Hemp for Food, Clothing, Medicine, Shelter, and Fuel. In short, to use the “miracle seed,” the wonder potion to heal the Planet.
Taos Hemp is on a “mission from God.” It is another finger getting into the delicious pie of Hemp (hempseed, hemp oil,  hemp flour) which contains the highest protein next to Soy of any seed plant. When a plant can give all of our basic needs to live AND is a medicinal cure (CBDs)  for cancer, AIDS, arthritis, glaucoma, heart disease, Parkinson’s and seizures,  it is well worth growing .


The Hemp issue sits on “the razor’s edge.” Cannabis Hemp is not  Cannabis Marijuana.  Hemp is an agricultural crop our government highly endorsed during World War II for Navy vessel rope. (see Hemp for Victory). Hemp is known and recorded since 4000 BC. Hemp was integral to ancient cultures of China, Persia, and Rome.

The true definition of Hemp is any plant that possesses a minimum of .03 % thc (tetra-hydro-cannabinol). Cannabis Sativa (Latin name for hemp) is part of the nightshade family along with potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, and peppers.

We live in a world that suffers from abuse, toxicity, and deprivation of all kinds.  Why are we sitting on a gold mine and not using the resource?  “We’ve got the cure but we ain’t gonna give it.”  so says Ras Makahna, my Rastafarian friend who set precedent with his federal case fighting for Cannabis as his religious right under the 1st Amendment of our US Constitution.

Sovereign nations in the United States have basic rights  to grow hemp. Sovereignty is freedom of our persons.  It is the civil right of all life forms: human and all living species, to enjoy “no harm.”