Dharma Is Truth

By Ruth Fahrbach, Hemptress

Dharma means the Truth, that which upholds. Buddhist teachings are the Dharma. When I began Taos Hemp and featured the Dharma Bags, an acquaintance asked: “Do you think it’s all right to call your bags Dharma Bags ~ with Dharma Properties in Taos?” I laughingly replied, “Dharma is for everyone.” Truth be told, Truth is Truth.

Taos Hemp is about the Truth, the Truth that industrial hemp has zero percent THC, while marijuana is cannabis, “reefer,” and contains THC (tetra-hydro-carbinol). Our federal government lies regarding industrial hemp. In 1937, the Marijuana Tax Act declared that hemp was a Class I substance, like cocaine and heroin, a danger to society, and therefore listed on the controlled substances act. Lies, lies, phony alibis.

U. S, farmers can reclaim the soils by replanting hemp over and over again. It’s the Truth. Hemp yields food, clothing, shelter, and fuel. Medicine comes from the cousin of hemp, marijuana. That’s the other side of this coin. Either side is a winner. Taos Hemp urges all people to look at this miracle plant and take a stand for truth.

In the summer of 2003, I journeyed to the Sovereign nation of the Lakota Sioux in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, near the hemp fields of Alex Whiteplume’s family. Alex and family, aware of hemp’s benefits to the tribe, have planted hemp for three consecutive years. Each year, just before harvest time in August, the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) comes in to destroy the hemp crops, standing 20 feet tall with omega-rich seeds abundant at the top. Rifles and cutting machinery are brought ‘n and the sovereign people are issued civil injunctions. The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will hear the Whiteplume case in August 2004. Meanwhile, taxpayer’s dollars get spent to illegally sue a sovereign people who are trying to exert independence and their basic rights, trying to save their people from rampant diabetes, cancer, and poverty, all of which hemp aids. The Whiteplume extended family gives all Sovereign Nations reason to reflect on their sovereign rights, the hemp issue, and the potential for sustaining tribal lands.

A great portion of the world is growing hemp. China is the most prolific producer. In these United Sates, there are nine states that have legislated resolutions to research or cultivate hemp: Vermont, Hawaii, North Dakota, Minnesota, Illinois, Virginia, California, and Arkansas. Representative Pauline Goebels introduced Bill 350 to the New Mexico legislature in January 2002. It did not pass into the agriculture sector.

New Mexico Hemp Industries Association is currently forming an alliance as a non-profit, group, with the national Hemp Industries Association. NM-HIA will align itself with NMIHGA (New Mexico Industrial Hemp Growers Association) and continue its work to legalize industrial hemp in New Mexico. A major meeting is planned in Albuquerque for late March.

The current good news: San Francisco’s Ninth District Court rules in February 2004 that industrial hemp is legal to import for cosmetic and food use. But “import” means payng higher prices, forgetting American farmers, and turning from a crop that needs only one inch per acre foot of water – no production in these United States. Keep America green, sustainable and free! Allow farmers the right to grow industrial hemp. Aside: a Farm Aid concert is being planned in Sturgis, South Dakota, headlined by Willie Nelson, on Aug, 28, 2004, to assist the Whiteplurnes and their struggle to grow. Check out: keefegreen@yahoo.

April 20 is the designated day to raise the awareness of Cannabus Sativa. 420 Day 2004 will be hosted by Taos Hemp, The Rising Sun Cafe, 420 Shop, and others. We will begin a lineup of events at 4:20 p.m. on 4/20, including the screening of propaganda films issued by, the U.S. government entitled: “Marihuana” and “Reefer Madness,” plus footage of hemp in “‘Hemp Revolution.”‘