The Hemptress

RuthHemptress is a name that just seemed right for a woman who owns a hemp business. When owning any business, the affirmation must be “no stress.” What remained is tress, hemptress. We know that hemp hair (decorticated fiber) is the strongest fiber on the planet.

My roots are in Wisconsin soils: hardy Midwestern stock. There is still a defunct hemp factory in Sun Prairie, southern Wisconsin, from the days of WWII production of  “Hemp for Victory.” Volunteer crops of hemp grow throughout the Midwestern states.
I was born on February 15th 1948, the year of the Rat.   At fourteen, I left home for a classical training with the School Sisters of Notre Dame for five years.  I learned how to use a pattern and sew from my sister Kay when I was sixteen.  Hemptress sewed the first 150 Dharma Bags. It gave me a perspective of what it takes to make such a clever and practical bag.  Now Rachael Ananda is the seamstress for all the bags produced by Taos Hemp.

In 1974 I began my life out West. I was sheepherding for a few ranchers in Utah and Colorado in the early 1980’s before heading to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1983 to study massage therapy at the Dr. Scherer Academy of Natural Healing.  I am a licensed massage therapist in New Mexico.

Once I built my offgrid solar hogan west of Taos in 1994, I took time to travel to India, Thailand, Nepal and Tibet.   I returned from Thailand in 1999 to meet my first grandchild, Kyra Morgan and  begin Taos Hemp.  The Dharma Bags were modeled after a cotton bag I’d found in Bodhgaya, India.  Dharma bags are 100%  hemp: hand dyed, cut and sewn, and featured on this e-commerce site.

Hemp is in the vision of a global economy,  rich in the production of  food (protein/energy source), clothing (strongest fiber), shelter (hempcrete), medicine (CBD), and fuel (greatest biomass).

Why not plant the seeds of hemp that sustain life and make us self-reliant?